The Secret to Serving A Crowd – Quickly!


The Rooster is in the heart of Kingston’s downtown, with a high volume of traffic from the thousands of retailers, bankers, hospital and government employees coming to Princess St. every day. Whether they’re looking for breakfast, lunch or something to take home at the end of the work day, many are Rooster regulars.

Between the hours of 11:30 and 1:30, the Golden Rooster’s deli hall fills with hungry lunchers. With 60 minutes or less to spare before they’re back at their desks, we getting a good lunch quickly is important to them.

We keep the crowd moving in an orderly and efficient manner with an old-fashioned number system. Here’s how it works!

Once you’re ready to order,grab a number and check out the bright red number light centered on the wall behind the deli counter. The number of the customer being served is displayed, letting you know where you are in the line.

With at least six staff on the floor during lunch every rush, the deli workers whip through the numbers quickly – so listen up as they call out the next customer number to be served. When you hear your number, the deli worker will be looking for you in the crowd so raise your arm, call out or step forward. Its now your turn to order a delicious meal!


A few tips to remember about the Golden Rooster’s Number System:

  1. It’s not always active. If you walk in to the deli during a quiet moment and can see there isn’t a line, don’t worry about grabbing a number. Just walk up to the counter and a deli attendant will come to you.
  2. Not all purchases require a number, even when it’s busy. If you’re heading to the front cash for fresh-baked break or berliners, or the back cash for a coffee and a baked treat, you don’t need a number. Just get in line with the cashier and they can help you.
  3. Avoid picking a number until you’re ready to order, and have your whole party with you. If a deli worker calls your number and you’re not ready to order, or you’re friend has gone off to the washroom or the parking meter, you may well miss your turn and get bumped back of the line again. To be fair to everyone else waiting, we have to keep things moving.
  4. Discard your numbers in the baskets provided. There are wicker baskets along the top of the deli case where you can place your unwanted numbers. Do not attempt to pass them to the deli workers, as they cannot accept them for sanitation purposes.

We hope this prepares you for the hustle and bustle of your next visit to the Golden Rooster. We can’t wait to see ya!

Posted on: October 22, 2015, by : admin